Friday, September 9, 2011

Better Camera Lens!!!

Hi Guys,

Finally I got a macro lens, still learning how to use it but already got some good pics....

Thanks for all questions, I will answer by next week in the new FAQ.




  1. Lovely stuff. Can´t wait for more info.

  2. Amazing. When will it be available?

  3. I want to make my own "PVC Figures" \o/

  4. Amazing! Really astonished! Incredible prints. Yes, Macro lenses seems the right hardware that all we probably need. Thanks for your research. Mattia

  5. What's the strength of the resin? I mean... is fragile or tolerate some mechanical stress? Thanks, Mattia

  6. I think this printer could be a hit among railway scale models enthusiasts... If you want, I can send you one of my own very detailed STL (for instance bogie sideframe, with coils and rivets) to test this kind of parts on your machine.

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  8. Where did you find that great dark phoenix model?

  9. superb could you tell me if you can make layer of 20 microns with you machine
    thank you

  10. To FAQ:

    How the resin react once it is printed?
    Is it stable to temperatures range, lets say from -30º to 120º?


  11. Hi, congratulations great job, if possible can you spray a gray primer in the figure? would realize the texture produced in the process of printing. thanks

    Hola espectacular trabajo, si es posible podrías darle un primer gris a la figura?? para podernos dar cuenta de la textura producida por la impresión, seria de gran ayuda. Gracias

    Saludos desde Ecuador

  12. I pray that your machine will be in my price range:), I assume that you have hundreds of questions about the possibility of making a test print, but if that was possible to print two test models on your machine.I will cover the cost of printing and sending the package .I want cast this two models in my home in sliver , if it possible contact with me

  13. good job
    can you tell us about the minimum layer thickness
    and minimum wall thickness

    BTW where is the +1 button???

  14. can the software and printer handle models that are made up of multiple intersecting pieces, or does the model need to be one solid, continuous mesh?

  15. Hi,

    Awesome work!- i hope to be one of the firsts to back this project in 2 months!
    If you want to test some high details stl files i designed please let me know

    You can view my designs here:

  16. Great work, keep on developing that awesome printer!!

    Greetings from Argentina!

  17. Hello, great results... Have to say I am really interested in your 3d printer, pls let me know for sure if any preorder would be available am going for it, seriously ;). I was already in plan of buying one, but when i saw your results i am definitvely going to wait till it will be ready ;).

  18. I just read an article about this technology that looks very familiar to what you are doing here.. to bad I can't upload the scan of the article here...

    can I send it to you. you need to translate it though from dutch to portugees.


  19. I have been following this project for some time now, and I want to compliment you on your amazing work. I am a student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah, and have always been fascinated with the idea and abilities of rapid prototyping. I have worked with different 3D CAD software and different 3D prototyping machinery, and I must say that is a brilliant way of going about this type of work. I am truly impressed with the level of quality and the outstanding resolution that you have achieved with this machine. I look forward to owning one of your machines someday in the near future.
    I know that you will be able to adjust the tensile, compressive, and shear strengths of your resins, so do you know what quantities of strengths you would be producing? I guess a better way of asking would be, do you know what the durometer hardness and density of the finished resin will be?
    Keep up the great work. I look forward to finding out more in your next blog.

  20. Amazing as always! Can't wait!!!

  21. Congratulation for coming up and pulling off a project like this. Building my own high-res 3D printer has been something I always wanted to do but never had time to spend on it as an high-end DIY project.
    I assume you will not be as philanthropic as the Team and will not be releasing a DIY guide with plans to build your machine on our own. I wonder if you have any idea about the price range. Also could you post more info about what kind of resin you are using, can you use other materials such as plastic and other polymers? Is the resin safe and stable as far as the temperature ranges it can withstand, type of applications it could be used for ( items containers and other similar objects where high level of safety for human health would be required?).

  22. Junior,
    me desculpe lhe escrever aqui em português, seu blog está inteiro em inglês mas a preguiça me venceu ehehhe

    primeiramente parabens pelo projeto... muito interessante e de resultados muito bons...

    bem, vamos a duvida: que tipo de resina/material/meleca é essa que você usa ?

    Mauricio Hilst

  23. I hope you have hired a Patent Lawyer.
    It is hard to believe you can get such detail and symmetry.
    I have looked at this video many times and still can not figure out how it works.

    Masterful work.

  24. Hello I would like to buy your printer. Where can I buy?

  25. Please finish this project quickly! I'm defenitely buying one! Amazing work!

  26. man ur great.

    i mean it.

    make a DIY kit fro 1000 euro i will buy it.

    count on it.

    see you soon


  27. Hi,
    Do you have any estimated price? I'm saving money for this great idea

  28. Its a stereolithography process... basically the resin hardens when exposed to UV light...the projector bulb (blue light on the bottom) sends a digital image (layer) to the bottom of the resin tank with the base pushed down into it. This UV light hardens a single layer, pulls up a bit, projects the next layer, and so on until the full object emerges. The brilliant thing is that this system works backwards from other stereolithography machines which means you don't need a tank of EXPENSIVE resin to build a single model, you only need the amount of resin required for the size of the model you want to print! The drawback though, is that with heavier and heavier models you would put a lot of pulling force on the holding base, meaning that it could break, or at least would require more support material that MUST be broken off when the model finishes and that leaves some marks on the finished model (you can see it on the alien skull when he takes it off the base). All stereolithography machines cause these marks, but others dont need much material attached because the weight of the model is not pulling down and away from the base like this one.

    Hope that helps you understand how it work, although I am just extracting the process by watching the videos and having a little bit of knowledge of general 3d printing processes.

  29. Hi,
    Looking forward to the printer! Also, I'm interested in the figurine model from the 1st photo. Is that an .stl file that you could send to me? I'm looking for a model like that to print, and I haven't found anything nice like that.

  30. Hello, wow, this is amazing and I would love to ask you some questions and hopefully get a response. I am starting a little company where I have designed characters and will soon launch the characters. My first product that I would like to make is little figurines. This 3d printing thing is amazing, but I would have no idea how to use it. It is probably best to make the prototype with this 3d printing and then take it to people who can make it. Do you know anywhere where I can get this done? Or would you possibly be able to help? I think this is amazing!!!

    please email me if you can on

  31. That's so cool , I would like to buy your printer , but i am at the other country .
    How much does it cost ?

    thank you so much ,

  32. You say high resolution, yet I cannot see any specifications posted on this. What is the minimum horizontal and vertical resolution?

  33. What's the current status of the printer? Is there a time for it to be released?

  34. I have a curiosity. Could you mix some carbon powder with the resine to make it more harder? Or others materials?

    By the way, great job with the machine!!!

  35. Hi junior,
    yours is a really great project!! I'm looking forward to know when your printer will be available in Italy. I hope soon!!! Bye

  36. Being one of the artists that modelled the sexy girls in God of War, This post excites me more, actual models of my GoW or World of warcraft models makes me want to study up to build my own!!! genius!!!

  37. I have a question. If I were to make a life-cast of a models face and then use, let's say, ZBrush to make a creature design for a makeup effect, could you print the negative of the models face on the backside, and the creature model on the positive side, so that when printed the models face would fit perfectly inside of the "mask"? This is pure genius, and if it's within a reasonable price range, you are guaranteed that I will buy it. Keep up the fantastic work.

  38. Nunca imaginei que isto fosse possivel ainda mais de uma impressora caseira!! As pessoas te diziam que isto era loucura, tempo perdido, mas está aí o projeto, bombando no mercado... Muito sucesso!!


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